We FINALLY have a new demo reel.

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Our last demo reel was published on the last day of 2015, so we were well overdue for a new one.

We wanted this to be perfect. We had a lot of new work that we were excited to include. The problem is, a demo reel is supposed to demonstrate what you’re capable of at the moment. It’s supposed to represent your current styles, techniques, and quality. You can never finish something like that. You can’t make it “perfect”, because we constantly work more and create more. To pretend our demo reel was in a “finished” state would be to pretend that we were, for a time, done improving and changing.

This demo reel is pretty sweet (if we may say so ourselves), but it isn’t finished, and it never will be. But instead of putting something out there, and then leaving it the way it is for months… or years… We’re just going to show you everything along the way.

Thank you so much to everyone who worked with us to create the great projects showcased in here, and also to the people who worked on projects that might not be in the demo reel (for now…)

This is the first draft of our new demo reel. Here’s to the second. Let us know what you think about it ❤️

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