Most people are bad at advertising.

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Okay, I get this is a bold claim. So let me clarify that statement…

Most people are bad at advertising every day out of the year other than Superbowl Sunday. For some reason, high-quality, artistic, and compelling marketing only comes once a year. It’s like Christmas for consumers. Some people actually watch the Superbowl JUST to see the commercials! Why does advertising only get quality attention once a year? Why is meaningful, entertaining, and interesting only employed one out of the 364 days in a year? Is it really that hard to produce quality content all the time?

The real reason advertising takes a break year-round and only shows up for the Superbowl is because they assume that Superbowl Sunday is the only time enough people are paying attention. So why bother the rest of the year?

We operate on the assumption that people are always paying attention (because most of them are). Quality content means that the alluring music in the background attracts the attention of a mother consoling her fussing baby; the grandmother on the phone is intrigued by captivating visuals; the bachelor getting a snack in the kitchen will tune in to the engaging voice overs. It means that, rather than fading into the background as cacophony to be disregarded, your advertisement fades into the foreground, a pleasant medley of substance that rouses the senses.

No Silence Media believes in year-round quality content, and the fact that everyone else saves their best shot for Superbowl Sunday means you get an edge in advertising every other day of the year: because No Silence Media specializes in artistic and compelling presentation of your brand. We make your passions our passions. We don’t just show up with a camera and send you a product that meets our standards. We sit down, talk, listen, consider, create a strategy, produce, and then we work and refine that product until it meets YOUR standards.

Take two minutes. Send me an email. Let’s just sit down. I’ll talk a bit, but then I’ll listen… a lot. And we’ll move forward from there.

Dakota Barron
Founder & Creative Director

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