It’s no secret that social platforms and digital marketing are constantly morphing and evolving frontiers. Unfortunately, being simply aware of this fact is not enough to stay on top of trends and changes. To truly understand, it takes time… and knowing where to start. Hopefully some of the following will help you understand a few critically important aspects of reaching your audience and truly connecting with them.

Effortless exposure has long been replaced with intentional and cost-based strategies. |  – Before many social platforms changed their algorithms, followers easily saw what you shared with them. That changed quite a while ago, but at this point in time it’s not even half and half. We’re at a point where in order for brands to be seen by their audience, they need to invest in their content and strategy both with their time and often with their finances. This trend will undoubtedly continue to grow as social platforms continue to change and capitalize on what their sizable user bases offer to advertisers, brands, and products.

Instagram isn’t just for food and cats. | – Instagram stories are used by over 200 million people, which is 4x times more than Snapchat. In order for brands to deepen their connection with their audience, it’s important to fully utilize this feature on a daily basis. Even if the content is rougher and more behind-the-scenes, it creates intimacy with your customers and audience. Being a part of their day–every day–is sure to solidify your position in their memory, but you can’t abuse this. Annoying advertisements, spam, or repetitive content can be an easy way to get a customer to unfollow your page. Reward them for taking the time to look at your story by pulling back the curtain. Give them exclusive looks at new products or services, early access to event tickets, discounts on merch, and the opportunity to vote and give feedback on the things you’re doing. If you can reward them in these ways while being fun and personable, they will reward you equally with engagement, purchases, and loyalty.

Talk to your customers every chance you get. | The days of waiting 24 – 48 hours to hear back from a customer service representative regarding your email inquiry are out. Consumers make decisions quite quickly, and a lot can happen in two days. Especially when your competitors are probably using conversational marketing, in the form of chat widgets on their stores and websites. This feature is tailored to the younger generations, but people of all ages seem to be responding to it’s interactivity and the speed at which it allows them to get answers.

In with authentic and out with generic. | – Consumers are becoming incredibly sensitive to disingenuous brands or those just trying to make a quick buck. This often results in their advertisements simply being ignored. Since brands only have about 2 seconds to catch your attention, they have shifted to more personal photos and selected niches. However, nothing can replace true, authentic content.

While No Silence Media works largely in content marketing and advertising, one of our jobs is to not only be aware of, but to understand current trends, platforms, restrictions, and opportunities. This can take a significant amount of effort and time depending on the specific details of whatever the latest thing is. When considering your content, it’s incredibly important to either consider these aspects yourself or to ensure whoever you bring on-board to produce is considering these aspects.

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