We’re not saying “clients” anymore.

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NSM is a place of partnership and trust, not a place of buzzwords and overpriced, generic creative work.

Why I used to say “clients”.

I (Dakota) started using the word “clients” many years ago. That’s not special, of course, but it’s important; the only reason I called anyone a client was because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I thought it made No Silence Media (NSM) seem more legitimate and professional.

HYPERGROWTH 2018 by Drift
[HYPERGROWTH 2018 Conference by Drift -- Highlight Reel]

For years, NSM would work with people on countless projects. We’d dress a certain way and act a certain way. Eventually, our team had built an entire persona around what we thought we were supposed to do. This period of time resulted in us meeting and working with some of the best people you could imagine. We put together some great work over the years that we’re still proud of, but if we don’t know why we’re doing what we’re doing, then…

What I realized.

As I thought more about our company culture and the image NSM projected to the public, I realized that we needed to shift to something that was more authentic. Authenticity comes from showing people the sides of you that maybe aren’t so perfect and polished. We added some curves to each side of our logo and used mixed fonts to convey the spectrum of style we offer in our services, but that wasn’t enough.

[Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission -- 2018 Banquet Video]

This shift needed to be a change in the core of the company’s behavior and culture, not just a new coat of paint. So, I went back to the word that was at the center of this former persona: clients.

Here’s what we came up with:

(This is a rough paraphrase of a conversation I had with Sam, who you can see in a photo closer to the bottom of this post.)

Clients are names in a book at a salon. Clients are a thousand numbers on a list that a salesman bought online. I think “client” does sound more professional than “customer” and depending on your business, it may be the right fit… but I want to give each individual, team, and brand a unique and thoughtful experience. NSM shouldn’t be using a word just because it sounds more professional. We need a word that communicates a truly professional experience for… our members.

Still Frame - Death Wish Coffee Presents: #GrindItOut
[Death Wish Coffee Presents: #GrindItOut -- 60 Second Spot]
What it means to be a “member”.

When you work with No Silence Media, it’s a partnership, a club, almost. Whether you have us create one video or an entire national campaign, we desire to work with you to make your passions our passions. We want you to feel like you’re staying at the best hotel with great room service and a view. What better word to describe that than Member?

NSM cultivates partnership and trust; it isn’t a place that uses buzzwords and produces overpriced, generic creative work. You can save some money and find cheap creative, but it’ll look like everyone else. Being a member of our agency is about wanting to go somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s about working alongside a down to earth, personality-driven team that genuinely gets excited when you get excited.

[Terminus -- Untapped @ 2018 #FlipMyFunnel Conference | Also, Sam]

In order to ensure everyone receives the best experience, our team closely monitors the number of members we’re currently working with and the team we have available. This lets us spend plenty of time on each project, while still meeting aggressive deadlines.

In the end, do what you think is best, but…

Here’s the thing, if you take away nothing else from this: Great ideas don’t need great creative to be successful, but bad creative can kill a great idea, and we don’t want that to happen to you. Great ideas combined with great creative are often unstoppable.

I see so many people pay for generic creative and cookie cutter marketing campaigns. They never get results and it doesn’t engage with anyonelet alone their targeted customer base.

We’re a Boutique Creative Agency that wants to grow with you, not despite you. It’s really nice to meet you.

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