Okay, I get this is a bold claim. So let me clarify that statement… Most people are bad at advertising every day out of the year other than Superbowl Sunday. For some reason, high-quality, artistic, and compelling marketing only comes once a year. It’s like Christmas for consumers. Some people actually watch the Superbowl JUST to see the commercials! Why does advertising only get quality attention once a year? Why is meaningful, entertaining, and interesting only employed one out of the 364 days in a…Continue Reading “Most people are bad at advertising.”

NSM is a place of partnership and trust, not a place of buzzwords and overpriced, generic creative work.

Why I used to say “clients”.

I (Dakota) started using the word “clients” many years ago. That’s not special, of course, but it’s important; the only reason I called anyone a client was because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I thought it made No Silence Media (NSM) seem more legitimate and professional.

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