It’s no secret that social platforms and digital marketing are constantly morphing and evolving frontiers. Unfortunately, being simply aware of this fact is not enough to stay on top of trends and changes. To truly understand, it takes time… and knowing where to start. Hopefully some of the following will help you understand a few critically important aspects of reaching your audience and truly connecting with them. Effortless exposure has long been replaced with intentional and cost-based strategies. |  – Before many social platforms…Continue Reading “Let’s get trendy.”

Okay, I get this is a bold claim. So let me clarify that statement… Most people are bad at advertising every day out of the year other than Superbowl Sunday. For some reason, high-quality, artistic, and compelling marketing only comes once a year. It’s like Christmas for consumers. Some people actually watch the Superbowl JUST to see the commercials! Why does advertising only get quality attention once a year? Why is meaningful, entertaining, and interesting only employed one out of the 364 days in a…Continue Reading “Most people are bad at advertising.”

Our last demo reel was published on the last day of 2015, so we were well overdue for a new one. We wanted this to be perfect. We had a lot of new work that we were excited to include. The problem is, a demo reel is supposed to demonstrate what you’re capable of at the moment. It’s supposed to represent your current styles, techniques, and quality. You can never finish something like that. You can’t make it “perfect”, because we constantly work more and…Continue Reading “We FINALLY have a new demo reel.”

But you should watch it again. Season 1 starts up soon, and if you’re looking for some motivation to get stuff done, that’s where you’ll find it. Oh, before you go… Do you want an hour of creative services at no cost? If you’d like to read more like this, or you think you might like to work with us some day, you should add your name to this email list so we can keep you up to date. We’ll give you an hour of creative…Continue Reading “Maybe you’ve already seen this…”

Good color grading can bring a project to its absolute best level. When people saw this commercial, we didn’t want them to feel like they were watching an ad.

Let me start this off by saying, this is not a scientific or technical article. I’m not about to tell you how a textbook defines color grading, or the number values I chose for the different options in my color application.

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NSM is a place of partnership and trust, not a place of buzzwords and overpriced, generic creative work.

Why I used to say “clients”.

I (Dakota) started using the word “clients” many years ago. That’s not special, of course, but it’s important; the only reason I called anyone a client was because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I thought it made No Silence Media (NSM) seem more legitimate and professional.

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