There's an agency meant for you,
There's an agency meant for you, but are we the right fit?
but are we the right fit?

We believe in changing the world, and we like to bring people along for the ride.

With every contract signed, we sponsor a bundle from The Pass Along Project, a non-profit organization that specializes in providing clothes to kids entering foster care at a moment's notice. Sponsorship pays for a week's rotation of clothes, socks, underwear, and shoes as well as delivery within hours of a child entering foster care. This is taken out of our profits, and pricing is never increased to pay for non-profit work.

We provide our services to The Pass Along Project and other incredible organizations at no cost so they can spend their budget on actively helping people. We even partner with them through apparel sales and events to help them raise funds for their programs.

Authenticity is really important to us.

We probably won't be a great match if authenticity isn't a part of your team's culture. This includes the way we work together, but also the work we deliver. If you're looking for someone to script customer testimonials or distort the quality or features of a product, you'll have to look elsewhere. We're all about creative / dramatic / comedic, but we want your customers to get an honest idea of your amazing products and services.

Part of that means being transparent.

From our pricing to our planning, we want you to know what's happening and why. You're always able to check in on current projects from the web, or you can be updated over email, text, or social media. You'll have a custom dashboard with access to the status of current projects, previous contracts and invoices, any deliverables or related downloads, and a quick way to contact us. We're not just a vendor, we're a partner.

Retainer options are available if you need frequent task-based work or extra quick turnarounds.

Hey there, we're
No Silence Media.

Founded in 2014, NSM has always been focused on delivering content that stands out from the crowd while remaining authentic and brand-oriented. It's our mission to do great things by empowering others to do great things.

Dakota Barron
Creative Director


Product Demo
Troops Overview
- January 17th 2020

We recently finished a product demo for Troops.ai. Our team put this together with the brand and personality behind Troops acting as a foundation for our choices in color and shot selection. Mixing 2D and 3D motion graphics gives this project a cutting edge feel that aligns with the modern and efficient qualities of Troops' products.

Our Work

Video & Design

Our clients

We don't really have a type.

YMCA Of Central New York
Betts Recruiting

Our Servcies

A good ending is all about how you start.


Voiceover for a product demo. Dialogue for a sketch. Motion design for a promo. Storyboards for an ad spot. We can start with as little as an idea. NSM will ensure your brand's unique tone of voice and objectives are incorporated into the material.


Actors. Locations. Schedules. Cameras. Lenses. Lights. Audio. Editing. Animation. Color Correction. Grading. There's a lot to keep track of. Whether you're hands on or hands off, we'll make sure it all gets done.


Brand design is about more than a logomark. It's about building a personality around your organization. One that you get excited by, understand, and can express to others.

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