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Video Production

We've been working on film and video for well over a decade. Let us give your content the extra weight it needs to stick with people.


Whether it be for e-commerce, social media, your website, or for fun. We've got photography covered for your product, staff, or lifestyle needs.

Social Media Management

With a new "thing" every other week, it can be daunting to keep up on all of it. We'll keep your social media populated with relevant content, engaging descriptions, relevant tags, and we'll even talk to your audience!

Brand Origination & Coherence

We'll examine your graphics, website, and social media to ensure your brand's style and presentation are consistent. If you don't have one, no worries, we'll fix you up. With a coherent brand, there's nothing to stop you from being remembered.

Research & Strategy

Focus groups, national statistics, and local market data is critical in finding a strategy from which to approach your project, but you don't have time for that. We got it.

Marketing & Campaign Development

Marketing through social media platforms and in regional placements ensures the content and brand you've built won't go unnoticed.

"The quality of their work exceeds expectation; the customization available to clients is granular."

Eric Cooper | Agent @ American National

"I can't think of a better [company] of people to work with on creative projects...I don't ever see myself working with another media company."

Amanda McCarthy | Professional Musician

"If you want to work with a company that will genuinely care about you, your needs, and your vision AND deliver excellence, you should be contacting NSM instead of continuing to read this review."

Justin Barron | Infosec Specialist

"Amazing people, who're incredibly talented, and very business oriented."

Harley Huke | X Factor Contestent/Musician

"No Silence Media knows their stuff!...They are honest, dependable, and reliable!"

Andrew Spencer | Sparkbox

"...the breakdown, sound quality, and direction of the film is incredible. I would hire his company again and recommend that [if] you have a project that you do the same."

Jason Pope | F.W. Webb Company

"I am confident that no matter the project, they will work tirelessly to achieve your satisfaction."

Eric Erskine | Award-winning Singer/Songwriter

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Marketing & Placement

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Dakota Barron
Founder & CEO

Sam Marquis
Account Executive & Still Media

Will Meyers
Head Producer

Daniel Marquis
Social Media Manager

Giovanni Deleon
Lead Editor

Victoria D'Amico
Design Coordinator

Justin Barron
Producer & Representative - West Coast

Joy Gable
Talent Scout & Casting Assistant

Tyler Smith
Talent Supervision & Coaching

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